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Hi there photographer! You are here because you are on the hunt for a second photographer for an upcoming wedding. Lucky for you, I love second shooting and would be happy to assist you at your next wedding. I know you have questions and that's why I built this page. Below you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as some examples of my work.

Q: What equipment do you shoot with?

A: I shoot with a Nikon D750, Sigma ART 35mm, and Nikon 85mm 1.8.

Q: Do you shoot in RAW?

A: Always! I tend to shoot slightly underexposed to save the highlights.

Q: Are you comfortable with OCF?

A: Yes, I have two speedlights and use them at weddings and during sessions when needed. When on camera, I like to bounce flash and use a Gary Fong diffuser. I also have stands and softboxes.

Q: Are you comfortable working with the groom/groomsmen?

A: Yes! You can trust me with the groom's getting ready shots and more.

Q: Are you comfortable shooting the reception details?

A: Absolutely! It is one of my favorite parts of the day to shoot.

If you have any other questions, including about my availability on your date, please send me an inquiry on my contact page.

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