• Mariah Thomason

Photographer in New Port Richey FL | Paytin Senior Pictures

First blog post. Woot, woot! And what better way to start than with this stunning girl? Paytin is a Class of 2017 senior graduate from Auburndale High School. She came all the way to me because she wanted something different from all her friends, and I am so very thankful she did.

First, we had a blast running around the historic downtown region of New Port Richey. We even met a cute balloon guy. You know, like the ones that make funny animal shapes at children's parties? Except he was young and handsome.

Next, we went to another super-secret New Port Richey location. Paytin and her mom had to really trust me on this one, but thankfulyl they are adventurous souls like me because it was uh-mazing! So many favorite pictures from the second location. Paytin killed it!

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