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8 Steps to the Perfect Photography Session Wardrobe, Family Edition | Photographer in New Port Riche

So you've made the decision to have family portraits taken. The big day is approaching and now you are wondering what you should wear. I get it. It can feel overwhelming to get your entire family into perfectly coordinating outfits. But with a few simple steps, you will find that you really can get everyone looking perfect for the session, and it is not even that hard to do.

1. Plan ahead. This may seem obvious to some, but you will save yourself a lot of stress if you do not wait until the night before to start thinking about what you and your family are going to wear. As soon as your session is booked, start putting together your wardrobe. That way you will have plenty of time to go shopping if necessary and ask your photographer questions if you are feeling unsure.

2. Consider the location for your session. It is best if your wardrobe fits naturally within the setting of your session. For example, you might coordinate your family in sundresses, shorts and button down shirts for a beach session. On the other hand, you may wear jeans and boots for a more rustic setting.

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3. Pick a color scheme. Choose 2-3 colors for everyone to be wearing. One or two neutrals and one or two pops of color. Setting can influence your choice here, too. Pastels look really nice on the beach because those are the colors that appear naturally at the beach. If your session is at a park with a lot of greenery, you might instead choose colors that will really pop off the background. The only colors to avoid are neon ones. They can create a not-so-pretty color cast on your skin that is very difficult to fix.

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4. Think about pattern and texture. You do not want everyone in clashing patterns, but some patterns used sparingly can make for more interesting photos.

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5. Start with one outfit and work your way out. If you are feeling overwhelmed by choices, it can be easier to work on one outfit at a time, starting with one that you really love. If mom has that one dress that she loves and that makes her feel confident, start there. Choose the rest of the outfits to compliment hers.

6. Add accessories. Accessories can really complete an outfit and give it that wow factor. Don't take this overboard, but a statement piece necklace or bracelet can go a long way. This can also be a great way to carry your color scheme through the outfits. Dad wears a red shirt, mom wears a red statement necklace.

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7. Don't forget your hands and feet. You don't have to go get a professional manicure for your session, but you definitely do not want to have old, chipped nail polish in your photos. Likewise, you probably will not need to buy a new pair of shoes, but your work-out tennis shoes can definitely take away from your overall look.

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8. Make sure everyone is comfortable. You have everything picked out. The last step is to try it on. Even if the dress is absolutely gorgeous, if your daughter is complaining that it is itchy, you might think about changing it. The last thing we want at your photoshoot is a meltdown about the itchy dress. If you are wearing something that you feel is not going to flatter your figure, it will show in your final photos. You want everyone to feel comfortable and confident the day of the photoshoot!

That's it! Only 8 steps and you've done it! You've designed the perfect wardrobe for your family portrait session. I hope it was fairly straight-forward and pain-free. Of course, if you still have questions, definitely contact me. I love when clients send me pictures of what they plan to wear.

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