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Trains and Baby Dolls | Lifestyle Family Photography

As a photographer, I get so caught up in client work and running my business that I oftentimes neglect to document my own life and littles as they grow up (way too fast). So it is always a treat when I find the time to take out the big camera and capture them in their element. This day was nothing extraordinary, but these pictures capture their interests, personalities, and quirks so well. Haytham, my silly little boy's boy, always looking for ways to make people laugh, with a toy truck practically glued in his hand. Wade, so wild yet tender, fearless beyond belief, making that bruise an almost permanent fixture on his forehead.

Haytham recently got a new train table, and building tracks has been my, I mean our, favorite thing to do lately. (I may or may not try to find a new way to assemble the tracks on a daily basis.) But seriously, he loves it and we have a lot of fun together. Haytham adores all things transportation related - trains, cars, trucks, tractors, planes - and says he wants to drive a monster truck when he grows up.

Wade is my nurturer. I got this baby doll to practice newborn posing and lighting, but he commandeered it to add to his collection. He is so sweet and affectionate with his babies, always giving them hugs and kisses, and even pretending to nurse them. He has also taken a recent interest in books, which I will never complain about. I love snuggling up with my boys and reading stories.

Haytham and Wade's room is probably my favorite room in our house. It is filled with sentimental pieces from mine and Chett's childhood along with all the things that our boys love.

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