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Honeymoon Island, FL Lifestyle Family Session

If you asked me to choose one session to represent my family photography, Josh and Abby's session at Honeymoon Island would have to be it. From the styling, to the location, to the family, it is all so perfect!

This is a family that is not afraid to let loose and have fun, and that is all I could ever ask for. When I told them to play, I couldn't have even dreamed of just how far they would take it. What followed was an hour of me literally running after them snapping photos of the most beautiful chaos. There were baby battles, there were snuggles, there was running, splashing, and swimming. There were hugs and kisses, naked baby bottoms, and more laughter than I've probably ever witnessed.

If ever you plan to do a family session at the beach with me, please bring towels, a change of clothes, and your game face because those in the water photos are so worth it!

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